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Ripping and playing CD's

We use 3 different kinds of cookies. You can choose which cookies you want to accept. We need basic cookies to make this site work, therefore these are the minimum you can select. You can always change your cookie preferences in your profile settings. To homepage To homepage. I want to add a CD player to my Sonos system and at the same time have the option to rip and store the tracks. Any recommendations? Brennan B2 looks expensive but seems most compatible.

Are there any other options that anyone can recommend? Share Tweet Share Share. This topic has been closed for further comments.

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You can use the search bar to find a similar topic, or create a new one by clicking Create Topic at the top of the page. John B. I would avoid expensive, gimmicky and inflexible 'rip and store' devices like the Brennan. Do you have a computer? Why do you want a CD player? Much easier to play from the NAS. A laptop and iTunes must be the easiest way to rip cd's Anything with I tunes is best avoided iMHO. Saw you at the Air Race yesterday The Brennan seems very easy to use for ripping CDs, so I can understand the attraction.

However, it's the most 'non-standard' solution, and one person posted here recently about tagging issues.Have been considering the advantages of ripping my CDs. I see Naim has the Uniti rigs although they are far more expensive than I like. I like it, it works great for streaming media like Tidal. You just use your smart phone or tablet to control it. Wow, that is nice. Getting closer to my price range. I plan to get something like this perhaps early. This is a Linux box running Logitech Media Server and just works.

I have built 6 similar units for my kids and a few friends. Like I said ai am extremely new to this. A lot of the digital equipment I see reviewed in Stereophile I skip over.

The small Green computer option looks promising and is priced much closer to what I was hoping to spend. You can post now and register later.

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Just saw this. Posted October 30, I plan to get something like this perhaps early next year. What's flack? Posted October 31, What is flack? Posted November 1, Do you have any suggestions? A problem with the above suggestion is that the interface for playback of music files from USB or DLNA-connected devices on receivers is typically slow and clunky to work with.

If you decide to dive further into the computer end of things, you can save money and get similar results by building a DIY music server using a Mac Mini or Mini PC.

For more information and suggestions, check out this post and the informative thread that follows it. Log in or register to post comments COMMENTS Other Option Submitted by mosafer on August 11, - am There is another way to achieve the end result without spending an arm and a leg along with the ability to never limited on storage space.

cd ripper storage player

The amazing audio company provides a network audio line-up called HEOS. However, they recently upgraded their line up to allow their units to playback Hi-Res file which now solves the issue at hand. Here are all the components and steps required to get you set up. Sit Back and enjoy the sweet Hi-Res tunes with full control and the best on screen menu from phone or tablet. Along with about 1 hour for set up not including ripping content. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more comments or concerns.

My solution is to use my computer to rip discs and tag the results. Then you can use something like BubbleUPnP on a phone or tablet to handle browsing and control functions. Of course the weak point of all this is iTunes, but I'm stuck with it because I have an iPod for my car.

With respect to the mac mini suggestion, I couldn't disagree more and strongly recommend against buying one - it's a complete waste of money. The Mac mini has gone days since its last update, which was controversial in itself since Apple removed quad-core options and made the product harder to upgrade after purchase.

How so? Consider a simple comparison of the cheapest, current model mini against a similarly-spec'd Intel NUC. FWIW: A price gap is created and begins to widen as you go up the ladder of hardware profile comparisons. Note: this approach only has a single drive.

I highly recommend getting a dual-drive NAS with redundancy.Although downloadable music files and streaming music have made CDs less popular than they once were, they are still around and provide an excellent medium for backing up your music collection. If you don't back up your music, you could lose it all in a hard drive crash. Even if all your music is on CDs, you should make copies of them, because CDs can be scratched.

You want perfect copies of all your originals in case disaster strikes, so stay away from lossy formats like MP3 that can affect the quality of the recordings. Use lossless audio formats when burning your digital music library to CDs. Lossless audio formats encode audio and compress it in a without sacrificing any dataensuring that your music is perfectly preserved in a high-quality digital form. It is becoming more widely supported on hardware devices like MP3 playerssmartphones, tablets, and home entertainment systems.

FLAC is the creation of the nonprofit Xiph. Org Foundation and is also open source.

Reconnect with your CD Collection

Music stored in this format is typically reduced between 30 to 50 percent of its original size without a loss in quality. Apple initially developed its ALAC format as a proprietary project but made it open source in Audio is encoded using a lossless algorithm that is stored in an MP4 container.

Incidentally, ALAC files have the same. If you need to change from ALAC to another format at some point, there's still no loss of quality. WMA Lossless format, developed by Microsoft, is a proprietary format that can be used to rip original music CDs without any loss of audio definition. The resulting file confusingly has a WMA extension, which is identical to files that are in the standard lossy WMA format.

WMA Lossless is probably the least well supported of the formats in this list, but it could still be the one you choose, particularly if you use Windows Media Player and have a hardware device that supports it. The Monkey's Audio format isn't as well supported as other competing lossless systems such as FLAC and ALAC, but on average, it delivers better compressionwhich results in smaller file sizes.

It isn't an open source project, but it is free to use. The downside of this approach is that the files produced in the WAV format are larger than in the other lossless formats because there's no compression involved. If storage space isn't an issue, then the WAV format has some clear advantages: It has widespread support with both hardware and software platforms.

CD Ripper streamer advice.

A lot less CPU processing is needed when converting to other formats because WAV files are already uncompressed, and they don't need to be uncompressed before conversion. You can also directly manipulate WAV files using audio-editing software without having to wait for decompression and recompression cycles to update your changes.

Tweet Share Email. More from Lifewire.Skip to main content CD Ripper. Currently unavailable. This works great. I just had to put it in a charged usb port and make sure my laptop was plugged in. Otherwise, it would read but it would give intermittent errors.

I'm sure you could probably fix up a power profile to prevent that, but it would run the battery down quickly, so I didn't bother. My laptop is used to stream to my overhead projector, so this now gives me the ability to play DVDs. It has one cable to plug in, a USB-C that is tucked neatly underneath it.

WHen I was testing playback, I was just watching on the laptop screen, so at one point I forgot that the little DVD was connected and picked my laptop up to look at it closer. The dvd dropped off the edge of the ottoman I'd had it on and was just dangling and swinging, but the DVD never missed See All Buying Options.

I ordered this Micro component receiver from Yamaha through Amazon and everything in regards to the order and delivery process went super smoothly.

cd ripper storage player

I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The receiver works perfectly fine, the sound is nice I connected it to outdoor Bose loudspeakers. Handling is simple, Iwas looking for a receiver, which can connect ot the iPod. Love the remote and the style. All in all, it was exactly what I was looking for. I would buy it again and can recommend it.

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A must have. It makes CD ripping smooth and easy. If you can want to afford it you will not regret it. Ripped sound, the best. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Fairly easy set up, though everything and I mean everything runs off of the app you have to download from the App Store.

The only thing holding this from a 5 star rating because the system itself is great. Add to cart. Cambridge Audio DacMagic Black. I set up a simple 2. I bought a small amp and paired it with the DacMagic and rainbows show out of my speakers.

Perfect imaging from my speakers. In Stock. Terry Jr. Never ordered a duplicator from Copystars previously. The shipment was triple boxed with the inside box custom fitted to the unit. This product performs as well as any duplicating equipment I own. I especially like the M-Disc capability for no additional cost when compared to other brands.

Had it burning DVDs 15 minutes after I unpacked it.Stand-alone CD rippers are useful when you have a large collection of CDs that you want to rip. The free Windows program reads every CD sector at least two times to verify the correct data is copied. Then it compares the copy to the original CD until at least eight of 16 tries produce identical results.

Troublesome sections of the CD, such as scratched areas, are read repeatedly up to 80 times. EAC's accuracy comes at the cost of speed, but if accuracy is important to you, a minute or more extra time isn't a problem. EAC also doesn't pull the album metadata from the database until you tell it to do so. Despite these shortcomings, free EAC is probably the best and most powerful ripping tool available. FreeRIP 3 has a well-designed interface that is intuitive to use.

The program supports CDDB query, which is used to automatically fill in the information for your digital audio files. FreeRIP 3 can also be used as an audio format converter and a tagger. When you're converting from one audio format to another, you can either add files manually or drag and drop them using your mouse.

Although primarily a player, its audio component supports secure ripping of audio CDs.

cd ripper storage player

The interface is user-friendly and includes ID3 tag support. FairStars CD Ripper supports normalization when ripping. Tweet Share Email. What We Like. What We Don't Like. Download Audio Exact Copy. Download FreeRIP. Download foobar More from Lifewire.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

CD Ripper streamer advice. Thread starter stasis Start date Nov 25, Hi, I am thinking about getting a CD ripper and streamer. Over the years I have ripped CD's on Itunes and windows media.

cd ripper storage player

I do not really know what sample rate quality these rips are because I have never really been interested in listening to them on my hifi and have probably used default settings for much of it. I want to start from scratch and RIP to a known quality and store and play my CD collection on a storage device connected to my hifi for convenience.

I would also like to stream to a Dali Ikon 2 in the kitchen and have the option of streaming to laptops or phones around the house. I am thinking that if both are Bit Perfect Rippers that there will be no real difference in sound quality using digital cable to my HiFi. That makes me think that the Bluesound will be as good as the more expensive Naim. I do not download music but it would also be good to have the option of storing Hi res downloads. My main area of uncertainty is how easy it is to have a backup copy of the newly ripped library on an external drive.

I am sure it is easy done, I am I correct in this assumption. I am not really wanting a PC based system but I would also like to be be able to access my existing libraries and store it on the device although my main priority is ripping and storing the new library. Any comments advice would be appreciated. Khazul Well-known Member. Same comment for a previous recent similar post.

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